The Contra Costa Transportation Authority is beginning an update of its Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. Check back here often for Plan updates and related documents. Together, we can keep Contra Costa moving!

The Authority has created this helpful toolkit to make it easy for your organization to host your own pop-up event.
Outreach Toolkit

This CCTA CBPP White Paper identifies potential new strategies and approaches that the Authority) could incorporate into the update to its CBPP. These strategies and approaches reflect recent trends in bicycle and pedestrian planning. At this time the project team seeks input on the menu of strategies available for the update. The paper is being released before a series of meetings with the Technical Advisory Committees of the Regional Transportation Planning Committees (RTPC TACs) and the planned online public town hall. These events will ask participants to provide feedback on the strategies presented in the paper to help frame the CBPP update contents and goals. It is also being posted here for more general public review and comment. Your comments and suggestions will help the Authority update the CBPP to improve how it supports walking and bicycling in Contra Costa.

The Baseline Conditions Report can be viewed here.